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The 3 workshops are held at the same time. You can choose only one.

Workshop #1
"Hands on with Lean and Agile User Testing" – Jan Moons
Jan Moons shows how to use the latest tools to easily integrate user testing into a lean process. Discover how user testing can be the answer for problems of conversion, usability, and UX quality. In the workshop you will explore all sides of user testing (be the user, be the moderator, be the client) and you will see how lean and agile user testing can be.

Workshop #2
"Atomic design as a communication tool in design and stakeholder meetings" – Clovis Six
In this workshop we will approach your UI as re-usable building blocks and see how it can create sustainable value to the conversations within your organisation. The key focus areas will be to bring clarity, performance and fun to the meetings between you and your stakeholders.

Workshop #3
"Internet of Things Ideation" – Dries De Roeck
During this hands-on session, participants will be introduced to the Studio Dott x Knowcards IoT ideation cards. These cards introduce the basics of systems thinking and allow people from a wide variety of backgrounds to conceptualise internet connected products.

12:30 - 13:30


14:00 - 16:00



“Design process and perceived product quality” – Barbara Kok
We all want good product, but how can an designer increase the user experience of his/her product? Which components in the design process can have a positive effect on the perceived product quality? Are designers able to estimate the users’ experience? These questions will be addressed in this talk.

“Digitalisation in Banking” – Pieter Rahier
More and more banks are closing down their branches and replacing them with digital channels along the way. This presentation will guide you through the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of this shift. We will look at how banks can  adapt to this shifting landscape and make sure that all their customers, not only the digital savvy ones, are onboard.

“Designing for the behavior of a sustainable future” – Natalia Arsand
We live in the Planet of Plastic Sea, and we don't usually think this to be our fault, but what if that coffee cup we disposed for recycle is actually part of a Plastic Island at this very moment?
We are consumers and we are designers. That counts as some of the greatest powers someone can have these days. This talk comes to enlighten us on our responsibility as gate keepers, with demonstrations of simple acts we can take as consumers and designers to lead the behavior of a sustainable future.


16:15 - 17:15

Panel discussion with Sofie Dieltjens, Studio Dott. as moderator – Pieter-Jan Feys, UXdesign.be – Thomas Van Oekelen, PàuNádia Ferreira, independent – Wim Janssens, Monkeyshot

17:30 - 20:00



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