Dries De Roeck - Studio Dott.

Dries De Roeck currently leads all things research at Studio Dott, where he is currently pursuing his PhD. The central topic of his research is to understand how technology can be used as design material for the creation of meaningful products for people. Dries is a regular speaker at and organiser of human centered design events (CHI Belgium, Humans&Things, ThingsCon, NordiCHI).



Jan Moons - UXprobe

Jan is the co-founder of UXprobe, company that is focused on a mission of helping companies build great digital products that deliver a fantastic user experience. Jan has almost 20 years of experience as a software engineer and is a certified usability designer.


Clovis Six - Internet Architects

Clovis Six started of as a developer at Collibra, a highly successful data governance start-up, and gradually morphed into the UX Researcher and Product Manager at Internet Architects he is today. The roles he took on in between (Visual Design, UX Design, Project Management, Dev Team Lead) enabled him to experiment with various ways of transferring deliverables and optimising design communication. One of these methods he will share with you in the workshop.




Natalia Arsand

Natalia has been working with design and technology for more than 8 years now, and she is passionate about it. She believes it can change the world for the best. She loves helping teams understand real life problems from real people, and the many iterations that follow until a suitable solution is found. She enjoys it even more when dealing with society's critical problems.


Pieter-Jan Feys

Pieter-Jan is a UX consultant with bags of experience, having worked for small companies, the public sector and big corporations alike. Currently he works for Rombit, a startup focussed on Internet of Things, where he is helping out with their user centred design vision.


Barbara Kok
LUCA School of Arts Genk

Barbara Kok is an ergonomist and teacher Product Design at the LUCA School of Arts. She recently finished her PhD on design process components and perceived product quality.


Thomas Van Oekelen

Thomas is a digital product designer. He loves to test the limits of technology in digital products that perform well and respect standards. Today, Thomas is responsible for setting up and developing a design system at BNP Paribas Fortis. He is co-leading the UX consultancy effort at Pàu.


Pieter Rahier

Pieter Rahier is a UX strategist who is co-founding a UX consultancy business at Pàu. He currently works as a UX manager for  BNP Paribas Fortis where he coordinates the alignment between the retail and business banking channel. He also worked on smaller banking projects for AXA and Rabobank and recently developed the concept for the KBC youth app K’ching. 


Nádia Ferreira

Portuguese UX designer with a kick for drawing and no-nonsense design solutions. Nádia has brought her creativity and pragmatism to large corporations, design agencies and start-ups, for the last 6 years. She loves working side by side with developers as well as generating ideas that will make the difference to any business. She is currently in between countries as a UX designer and Sketching ninja.


Sofie Dieltjens
Studio Dott.

Sofie Dieltjens is a service and UX designer at Studio Dott. She’s passionate about bringing people together and helping them find new solutions for complex challenges. She’s a pro at facilitating workshops and spreading the service design/design thinking word


Wim Janssens

Wim has been designing digital interfaces since 10 years. Throughout the years, he has a developed a wide skill-set in working for a wide array of client as UX Expert at Monkeyshot. He has seen every side of the process from creative workshops to getting the hands dirty with information architecture to wire framing, prototyping and graphical design